Our horticulturalists & plant buyers are committed to offering you the best quality plants available. We firmly believe that our team is what makes the difference between just being a nursery with a collection of plants and a company whose world is gardening.



We aim to have the best quality flowers in stock at our Garden Centre. From Pansies to Petunias, Poppies to Portulacca. We have the range to ensure your garden is a mass of colour all year round.

Remember to ask the team for advice on planting and general plant care and learn how to get the best out of your flowers and what is best for the season.


Summer is the season for succulents. The warmer the better. They do not always need a lot of sun, more the warmth. Very low maintenance. So many different colours, shapes and texture. The easiest plant you can grow.


Plants comes in so many colours and shapes. Their foliage are just as intriguing as the actual flowers and foliage lasts longer. Take your time to see the shapes and colours of plant’s leaves.


We stock a huge range of natives in all shapes and sizes. As a customer you are spoiled for choice with plants such as Lilly Pillies, Grevilleas & Bottlebrush being used both randomly and in hedge formations.

If you are after a low maintenance, tranquil oasis to unwind on the weekends get some ideas and expert practical information from one of our team about native planting.


We have a huge range of groundcovers. From plants like the quick growing grevilleas, to the ever stylish gardenia radicans.

We have some flowering evergreens suitable for sun and shade, as well as succulents popular in the modern garden and for their low maintenance.

Whether you are looking for a variegated texture or variation in colour in your garden, groundcovers are an excellent way of creating a point of interest.

Shrubs & hedges.

Design your garden with hedges and shrubs can be an great way to create privacy, shade or to create “rooms” in your garden. Formal with clean geometric lines or a informal, “wild” the opposite. There are plenty of shrubs that grows quickly, it all comes down to what you want and what suits your house and garden. Come in store and let our horticulturists help you choose.


For anyone that likes to cook or just like the taste of fresh flavours. Herbs are easy, fast growing and don’t need a lot of space to grow. Which makes it easy to grow in pots or containers. Most herbs do not need as much sun as vegetables and therefore perfect for small spaces with less sun.

Tropical fruit.

Grow your own fruit salad. November is a great time to start, lots of sun and plenty of moisture in the ground.


We are the biggest supplier of Oasis Seedlings in the Newcastle, Central Coast & Hunter region. With 2 deliveries every week our herbs & veggies are always fresh and up to date. We aim to have the best quality vegetables and herbs at the right price.


Trees are a passion of ours and at Lee Rowans Gardenworld, we are the area’s major stockist of Flemings Trees.

When we look at the grand, old home often a large part of the grandness comes from the stately trees planted in the garden. If you are unable to find the particular tree you are looking for in any one of our Garden Centres, please ask our friendly staff and we will source it for you, if at all possible.


We literally buy in thousands of roses each year. We source the latest new releases from our suppliers but still retain the tried and true old favorites. Our aim is to ensure that we stock only quality roses and the best of each colour.

Fertilisers & potting mixes.

Plants are living things that need food to grow and stay healthy. There are many types of fertilisers for your garden, some customised to suit the particular type of plant you are growing. Please enquiry at any of our Garden Centres if you are not sure what to feed your plants. We are happy to help.