Plants comes in so many colours and shapes. Their foliage is just as intriguing as the actual flowers and foliage lasts longer. Take your time to see the shapes and colours of plant’s leaves. There are so many options, here are some of them.

Devil’s Ivy. (Epipremnum aureum)

Lush, tropical plant with leaves carried on trailing stems.

|HEIGHT: 0.5-1m | IDEAL POSITION: Indoors in a well lit position. Ideal for hanging baskets. | IN SEASON: All year.


Fiddle leaf fig.

A robust fig with fiddle-shaped, glossy leaves.

|HEIGHT: up to 2-3 m | IDEAL POSITION: Indoor Prefers a warm, humid spot with plenty of filtered light. | IN SEASON: All year.


Zanzibar Gem. (Zamioculcas zamiifolia)

An extremely hardy plant that is fantastic for indoors use or a shady garden position.

|HEIGHT: up to 60cm. | IDEAL POSITION: Indoor, almost anywhere. Very hardy. | IN SEASON: All year.


Chamaedorea. (Parlour Palm)

Graceful, small palm with dark green, soft, fern-like fronds.

|HEIGHT: 0.5-1m | IDEAL POSITION: Grow in warm, shady position outdoors in moist, well drained soil. Indoor in bright indirect light. | IN SEASON: All year.


Philodendron sp.

Tropical evergreen shrub or semi-climber with bold foliage in different shades or patterns.

|HEIGHT: 0.5-1m | IDEAL POSITION: Inside or outside in filtered light, never full sun. Low maintenance plant. | IN SEASON: All year.


Syngonium sp. (Arrowhead wines)

Trailing or climbing habit with heart shaped leaves. Easy to care for.

|HEIGHT: 0.5m + | IDEAL POSITION: Inside or outside in bright but not direct sunlight. Don’t forget to water. | IN SEASON: All year.


Begonia sp.

Leaves and flowers come in a variety of shapes and patterns.

|HEIGHT: 0.20m + | IDEAL POSITION: Inside or outside, warm well lit but out of direct sun. Avoid overwatering. | IN SEASON: All year.


Ficus. (Fig Tree)

Variety of sizes and shapes. Grows taller outside in warmer climates.

|HEIGHT: 1-3 m | IDEAL POSITION: Indoors in a warm spot with plenty of filtered light. Not to be planted in the ground. | IN SEASON: All year.


Lady Palm. (Rhapis)

Highly decorative, slow growing palm with large leaves.

|HEIGHT: up to 2 m | IDEAL POSITION: Indoors with filtered light or outdoor in partly shade. | IN SEASON: All year.


Ivy. (Hedera)

Evergreen, woody-stemmed trailing, climbing plants or for groundcover.

|HEIGHT: 0.20m + | IDEAL POSITION: Indoor or outdoor, shade or filtered sun. | IN SEASON: All year.


Alocasia. (Elepanth’s ear)

Stunning special foliage. Tropical plant.

|HEIGHT: 0.20m + | IDEAL POSITION: Warm spot indoor or outside in a sheltered spot. Keep moist but not wet. | IN SEASON: All year.


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