Tips on growing the best screen.

Type of screening or hedging.

  • What kind of screening or hedge do you want? Is it just to divide of some areas in the garden, creating a nice green screen or do you need a high wall to get some privacy from a neighboring block? The height of the screen is number one.
  • The height, up to a meter or over 3 meter?
  • Which plants thrives in your area? Walk or drive around your neighborhood and look at what seems to work best. Make sure you don’t choose a plant that would not grow well in your area.

How to plant.

Dig a trench or a long plot instead of individual holes. This will promote better drainage and easier to maintain. How far apart you plant each plant depends on the height:

  • 1 meter tall hedge = about 300mm apart.
  • Up to 3 meter tall hedge = 700 to 1000mm apart.


When to trim & fertilise.

Start trimming at once to promote even growth from the bottom. Otherwise you will end upp with a tall plants and holes at the bottom that you will not be able to fix afterwards. Trim at least once every 6 month.

Fertilise every season.

  • Natives: we recommend Blood & Bone
  • Non natives: 5 in 1 organic fertiliser, Garden Gold

Examples of hedging plants for coastal areas.

Up to 1 meter.

  • Dwarf Japanese box
  • Dwarf Lilly Pilly (Allyn Magic)
  • Dwarf Golden Duranta (Mini Gold)
  • Hebe
  • Polygala
  • Althernatera
  • Cuphea

1-3 meters or more:

  • Snow maiden (Indian hawthorne)
  • Lilly Pillys
  • Photinia (Red Robin)
  • Bamboo gracilis
  • Japanese box
  • Murraya

We don’t recommend conifers in our coastal, humid climate.


View hedge & screening plants.

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