You save when you buy soil and mulch in bulk. However it is not always easy to know how much you need. Here you will find what we recommend and how to calculate.

The formula

Cubic metre (m3) is the measurement we use for bulk:

Width x length x depth = volume

Example – Top dressing: Your lawn is 15 metres wide and 8 metres long. We recommend a 15 mm layer of top dressing. 15m x 8 m x 0.015m = 1.8m3


Buy in cubic metre (m3) or scoops

  • 0.25 m3 = 1 scoop
  • 0.5 m3 = 2 scoops
  • 0.75 m3 = 3 scoops
  • 1 m3 = 4 scoops


Buy in Big Green Bag

  • 1 Big Green Bag = 0.76 m3
  • 1/2 Big Green Bag = 0.38 m3

We deliver Big Green Bag with a truck and forklift so we can leave the bag anywhere on your property (where our forklift can get to).


What depth do you need?

  • Top dressing = 10-15 mm / 0.010-0.015m
  • Mulch = 75mm / 0.075m
  • Underlay (for grass) = 50-100mm / 0.05-0.10m
  • Planting soil (garden beds) = 300mm / 0.3m
  • Conditioning existing soil with cow manure = 50-100mm / 0.05-0.10m


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