Preparation is incredible important and determines the success of your lawn for the most part. The better you prepare, the less maintenance your lawn will need.

1. Clean up.

  • Kill off any existing lawn and weeds.
  • Remove any dead material from the current lawn area.
  • Simply raking it up can do the job.



2. Turn over and aerate.

  • Turn over existing soil to decompact and aerate.
  • Best done by hiring a rotary hoe or larger machinery like a skid steer.




3. Improve the soil.

  • In most cases you need to import soil to improve your soil.
  • Get it neat, but not perfect as turf is never totally uniform. Better to correct afterwards.
  • Keep in mind drainage and water flow.



4. Installing your new lawn.

  • Make sure to install the turf the day you get it delivered. Turf can begin to compost after 8 hours in the heat of summer.
  • Start from the furthest point of entry and work your way back, you don’t want to be constantly walking over freshly laid turf.
  • Use full slabs or keep big pieces around the edge.
  • Stagger your joints as it will establish better together and prevent erosions on slopes.
  • Don’t patch up larger areas with small pieces, they will dry out to quickly.

5. Water and feed.

  • Most important thing is to get water on it straight away.
  • Irrigate deeply, at least 40 mins after initial installation.
  • New turf needs water to establish, on hot days up to 8 times a day.
  • Starter fertiliser, we recommend Lawn Launcher, by Lawn Solutions.
  • Water.
  • Water.

6. Caring for a new lawn.

  • After 2-3 weeks in growing season, the new lawn should be ready for a mow. Check if it is ready by ensuring none of the slabs can be pulled up.
  • First mow should always be on a high setting to not scalp or rip out the newly laid lawn.
  • After 2 or 3 mows, give the lawn a fertilise and water in after application (this should be around 5-6 weeks stage).
  • If there are any large gaps between slabs or parts are struggling, do a light top dressing with Rocket Top dressing or beach sand.
  • Edges can dry out, do not panic.


Lee Rowans Gardenworld is a member of LSA (Lawn Solutions Australia) and are experts on turf and how to care for your lawn. Read more about LSA here.

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Lee Rowans Gardenworld is a member of LSA and are experts on turfs and how to take care of your lawn. Visit

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