Your lawn might not be growing as much, or not at all, during winter, however there are still things you can do to ensure it will keep healthy come spring. Winter is also a good time to lay new lawn in our area, it usually never gets too cold for lawns to establish.

Limit watering.

Water only when needed, you will know if your lawn is dry as the leaves will curl, then water it, otherwise let it be.
Avoid excess moisture in the soil if you can avoid it.

Mow once a week.

Even though your lawn slows down in growth, it is always best to mow it weekly in winter. Remove no more than 1/3 of the leaf.


Get on top of weeds.

Your lawn might grow less, however there are plenty of seasonal weeds that enjoys the cooler weather. Make sure to spray for weeds during winter, using the recommended product for each weed.
Read more about weed control.


Avoid compaction.

Wet weather can cause compaction during winter, try to avoid traffic on your lawn wherever possible. Aerate with a fork to loosen the soil.


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